New Committe elected for 2019/2020 at AGM

At the recent AGM various officer reports were made about the previous successful season.  Jon David stepped down as Club Captain due to overwhelming work commitments and was commended and thanked by the Chairman and committee.

The new season has already begun with Nipper Surf Skills on Saturdays at 14:00 and Nipper Coaching on Sundays at 14:00.

Senior training night is 18:00 on Mondays.  A new App will be trialled in order to communicate between groups.


The new committee was elected as follows :

  1. Richard Cox – Chairman
  2. Stu Penfold – Secretary
  3. Sophie David – Treasurer
  4. Moritz Neumann – Club Captain
  5. Daf Price – Vice Captain
  6. Dave Walters
  7. Jo Tilley-Walters
  8. Jeff Rogers – Webmaster
  9. Dr Steve Riley
  10. Sean Ellison
  11. Matthew McCleod-Baikie
  12. Luke Brooks


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