Members Information

New members are always welcome.

Members train all year round in preparation for the following season and attain various qualifications as laid out by the Surf Life Saving Association of Wales and the Surf Life Saving GB.  Porthmawr S.L.S.C. has a close working relationship with the professional Lifeguard services employed by RNLI Lifeguards, many of whom have been trained by Surf Life Saving Clubs and maintain strong local links.

MEMBERSHIP FEES are due 1st April each year and valid until 31st March the following year.

As from 1/4/2022 the fees have this year been increased in order to reflect increased insurance fees and are :

  • Nipper (Age 7-12 as at 1st January) £20.00
  • Junior (Age 13-15) / Student (Age 16-21) £25.00
  • Senior /  Masters  16+ £35.00
  • Parent/Associate Member   £10.00  –   (Persons who show interest in supporting the objects of the Club but do not wish to meet the obligations of active membership as determined by the Executive Committee. They shall be eligible to attend meetings of the Club and to use the Club House only. They will not be eligible to use any of the Club’s equipment or to carry out any life-saving activity in the water or on the beach on behalf of the Club. They will not be registered with SLSA Wales or covered by insurance.) 

Membership Application

The club is now using the Spond APP to Store Member Data, Payments  and Data.  All applicants to membership must read all the applicable TERMS and CONDITIONS as set out below!

If you do not wish to use Spond the please email:  with a suitable reason and a membership application document will be sent to you. For other queries on the process please talk to a ember of the committee at the clubhouse.

Apply for online.  Online Application via SPOND  

  • You will first be approved via email or Spond if you have loaded the App
  • then sent an invoice for PAYMENT which preferably should be
    1. paid via the Spond App
    2. or can be Paid to a Club Official, by Post or at the beach

Full Official Membership will be processed as soon as possible when Payment is notified to Membership Secretary

TERMS and CONDITIONS of Membership

Please read all to bottom of page including all associated links! 

By signing your membership form you are also confirmingPermission is given for all details to be entered into the PORTHMAWR SLSC database and distributed in accordance with GDPR Regulations and that you have read and understood the following key policies. This will be a condition of your membership to Porthmawr SLSC and SLSA Wales.

  • You agree to abide by the rules of the club and the SLSA of Wales and to participate in training sessions so as to improve life saving abilities and to perform patrols or other club duties as requested by the Club Captain and other officers of the club.
  • That you have read and agree to abide by the Club Code of Conduct.
  • All members who wish to assist with Nipper and Junior training will be asked to undergo a DBS check via our safeguarding officer.

All SLSA Wales Members, Coaches, and Volunteers and anyone working under the responsibility of SLSA Wales are required to adhere to its safeguarding policies and procedures.  As a member of Surf Life Saving Association of Wales you agree to abide by all of its safeguarding policies and principles.

Please read the following documents under Public Safeguarding that may apply :-

Coaches, Members and Volunteers Code of Conduct

Parents Code of Conduct                                         

Youth Code of Conduct                                              

Social Media Policy                                                    

Anti – Bullying                                                            

To find the information relating to the above documents you can visit the SLSA Wales Public Documents

N.B. in the case of young members parents/guardians

  1. Agree to explain the principles of the last 3 policies listed and sign for them where needed.
  2. As Parent/guardian I hereby give permission for my child to receive medication as communicated to the club in signup procedures  and any emergency dental, medical or surgical
    treatment, including anaesthetic as considered necessary by the medical authorities present including trained coaches and firstaiders of the Club.
  3. Consent to your childs photo being taken and used to furthering the objectives of Porthmawr SLSC in a discreet and professional manner.

To find other information relating to safeguarding you can visit the SLSA Wales Safeguarding

Membership may be terminated if the above conditions are not met.



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