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This your site!  There is a lot of history and fantastic footage of seasons past.  This cannot be maintained, created or added by one man alone.  If you have an idea and items for inclusion then you can be added as a contributor to create and add BLOG posts and or PAGES of your own under our various main headings (all still to be finalised,,,,) more soon as I establish a structure!

All members and some past members will be added as followers.   If you do not wish to be kept up to date with happenings at Porthmawr then please unsubscribe!

The BLOG will be used to record stories of what has just happened at the club and also to Post information about forthcoming events and requirements.

Newly Published blog entries will automatically be emailed to subscribers.  New pages wich will include photo galleries will not be emailed and must therefore have information about them published in a news  blog entry so that interested parties can have a look.  Although one or two images may be posted in a blog entry it is better to add large numbers as a Photo Gallery.

Any member of the public may subscribe to our BLOG.


Thank you! – Jeff

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