Code of Conduct

The club operates a code of conduct policy which is laid out below and on view on one of the noticeboards in the clubhouse.

Porthmawr SLSC Code of Conduct


Unacceptable behaviour’ is any behaviour that poses a threat to the Health, Safety or well being of club members, club visitors or members of the public that are in contact with club members

This Includes :

Acts of Threats of Violence or Aggression

Offensive or Threatening Language or behaviour (eg. Swearing, shouting, general rudeness)

Wilful Damage to, or Theft of, Property

Offensive Racial or Sexual Remarks, Gestures or Behaviours

Drug dealing or Unauthorised use of Controlled Drugs or alcohol

Malicious allegations against club members

Actions that bring the club into disrepute

Members must:

Show respect for others at all times

Show tolerance

Be Polite


All complaints will be heard by a Complaints Panel

Formal action will be taken against any club member who is in breach of this Code of Conduct

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