As of 3rd July 2021 –

  • BEACH = £120 (with special thanks to Billy and Joe who raised so much)
  • OVERALL =£196

All participants are asked to voluntarily pay £1 or 50p to take part either to an on beach collection or PLEASE DONATE HERE with Virgin Money Giving


  • Nipper cumulative run – 60 times 1k = 60k Nippers and Coaches completed 13/6/21 – £180 approx raised
  • Board Paddle 5k of 12 individual legs = 60k
  • Sea Swims 1k or 2k adding up to 60k ………………………………………. 2k completed so far – see below
  • Ski Paddle min 5k a session


EVENT 1 : Nipper 1k beach run * 60 COMPLETED

60 * 1k beach runs to be done by the Nippers (ages 7 – 12) to be completed by 30 June 2021

PLEASE DONATE HERE with Virgin Money Giving

EVENT 2a : Board Paddle 12 * 5k Running Total = 0

Around Porthmawr Bay. The standard RNLI Lifeguard Training Paddle. Across to St John’s Point, behind Carreg Gafeiliog, down to St David’s Head and in to Whitesands Beach or the reverse – depending on the tide – to be completed by 31 July 2021

EVENT 2b : Board Paddle 60 * 2k Running Total = 4k

Whitesands to Porthmelgan and back. If the tide is low in and around Porth LLeuog (behind the Ramsnose) – to be completed by 31 September 2021

Richard Cox and Jeff Rogers 2k each 11/07/21

PLEASE DONATE HERE with Virgin Money Giving

EVENT 3 : One or Two kilometre Sea Swims until 60k completed Running Total = 11.5k

If conditions allow bouys will be placed marking out the course. Friends and supporters welcome

Ongoing each week : individual/group logged swims to Porth Melgan (1k) walk back or swim back (2k)

Jon David and Jeff Rogers 1k each 20/6/21; Jon David 2k 27/6/21; Jon David 04/07/21 1k; Jeff Rogers 10/07/21 2.5k; Jon David 2k 11/07/21; Jeff Rogers 15/07/21 2.2k;

EVENT 4 : Ski Paddles min distance 5k upto 60k or 360k? Running Total = 67k

Jeff Rogers – 5k – 13/06/21 Whitesands; 11k 14/06/21 Fishguard; 11k 22/06/21 Fishguard; 7k 28/06/21; 01/07/21 14k Fishguard; 08/07/21 13k Fishguard ; 14/07/21 8k Fishguard ;

PLEASE DONATE HERE with Virgin Money Giving