About Porthmawr 60

In 2021 Porthmawr Surf Life Saving Club reached 60 years of age (1961 – 2021)

From humble beginnings as St Davids and Solva Life Saving Club to Porthmawr Surf Life Saving Club; an old railway carriage and a few surfboards to the fabulous clubhouse and equipment we have today, Porthmawr has patrolled beaches around the St Davids Peninsula and saved many lives from dramatic rescues to simple measures of preventative advice.

In order to celebrate this achievement Porthmawr60 was conceived ad a fund raising slogan that it was hoped to be usable under COVID restrictions. it proved difficult to do but a total of £196 was raised in 2021. As the format is flexible it hoped to hold further events in 2022 and beyond.

These will be known collectively as the PORTHMAWR 60 EVENTS.

Maps will be pinned up in the clubhouse showing courses and distances from which to create events. COURSE MAPS

Members will perform individually or in groups or teams to complete 60 kilometer events OR events that reflect the number 60. Indeed even ex-members or friends may participate if agreed beforehand. We may make the events competitive or not!

Some may be done over a day and some may be spread throughout the season.

Each identified event will be posted on the Porthmawr 60 EVENTS page and on our Facebook page detailing the groups of participants and how the magic number of 60 will be attained.

ALL EVENTS proposed must be advised to Jeff (porthmawrslsc@gmail.com) who will create the event on our f7nd raising platform; promote via Facebook; add to Porthmawr 60 EVENT page; after speedy ratification by committee.

Sponsors will be able to donate to the club via FUND RAAISING PLATFORM

Each new event will be publicised via Facebook.

suggestions for events are s Nipper 60k Run, Juniors 60k Board, masters 60k Ski, Club 60k Swim, 3 man board relay. Sections may be any distance from 1k to 60k.

FUNDING DISTRIBUTION for first year was:

70% of FUNDS for Porthmawr SLSC

10% for JDRF – Junior Diabetes Research Fund

10 % for SHINE – Spina bifida, Hydrocephalus, Information, Networking, Equality – SHINE is the only national charity providing practical support to help individuals and families affected by spina bifida and hydrocephalus. 

and 10% for the RNLI – The Royal National Lifeboat Institution