Restricted access to Porthmawr Surf Life Saving Club as a result of COVID-19

Dear Member,

The Porthmawr SLSC committee has legal responsibilities under health and safety law, and must take reasonable measures to ensure the premises, access to it, and any equipment provided are safe for people using it, so far as is reasonably practicable.

To help decide which actions to take prior to re-opening the building for permitted activity, a COVID-19 risk assessment has been completed. This is in addition to any risk assessments which are already in place.

All members whilst in the clubhouse should limit their social interactions with anyone they do not live with. It is important for all parties to maintain a social distance of 2 metres between households. All members shall wear face coverings (unless exempt) and encouraging good hand hygiene on entering premises and throughout the visit.

Providing the guidance given on this data sheet is followed and signage displayed within the building is adhered to, members will be allowed access to the following;

  • Entering the building – Sanitise hands, sign in and provide contact details. This is a legal requirement for track and trace purposes. Due to the layout of the building we cannot incorporate a one way system. Please allow appropriate distance to allow people to enter and leave the building safely. Whenever queuing, maintain a social distance of 2 metres between households.
  • Kitchen – One person only allowed in the kitchen at any given time. Any equipment and surface used, to be sanitised prior to leaving the room.
  • Toilets – Younger members to be accompanied by a parent or guardian to ensure good hygiene is achieved. Surfaces touched to be sanitised prior to leaving the room
  • Changing Rooms – Where possible members should change outside the building. When this is not practical, this space will be restricted to one person usage or a family group living together. Surfaces touched to be sanitised prior to leaving the room. No clothing or belongings to be left within the building.
  • Store rooms – Where practical one person only allowed in the space at any given time to collect or return equipment. No loitering in the storage area. Equipment used to be sanitised prior to returning to storage room.

Access to all other areas of the club is prohibited other than for RLNI Lifeguards. It is important that members recognise that the lifeguards have to work out of the clubhouse.

Members have a duty not to increase the risk of spreading COVID-19 to other members or to the RLNI Lifeguards.


COVID Documents :